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Read All About It...

Almost from the beginning, this website and the project it embodies have been getting mentions in the media -- all kinds of media. Jill has been interviewed for radio, for newspapers, for podcasts, for blogs, ...and more. Still other people have written us up on their own.

Here are some of our favorite press mentions:

Associated Press entertainment writer David Bauder interviewed Jill and wrote a piece on Jill's Next Record that appeared in all kinds of print and on-line media. That interview, appearing on such sites as cnn.com and the Seattle Times website, has been among the most prolific generators of visits to our site. Thanks, David.

ew.com, Entertainment Weekly's online edition, was one of the first sites to take notice of us. They found us early on, and mentioned us only a couple of days after we opened shop. They get the online scoop award, as far as we're concerned.

Red, blue, or in between, the blogosphere has almost always treated Jill well, and on the site Blogging Heads, Robert Wright (representing the political left) and Mickey Kaus (from the right) agreed (as they have in previous editions) that Jill was a nice person, a good songwriter, and worthy of people's support, even if they could not agree on how to pronounce her name (Bob got it right, for the record). The discussion starts about two minutes into their show, and only lasts for about two and a half minutes, but we appreciated the fact that these guys, politically polarized though they may be, were able to unite in their appreciation of Jill. And they linked to us, too. Thanks, guys.

Columnist Tim Cain did a nice interview with JIll and published it in the paper he works for, the Herald & Review, "Central Illinois' #1 News Source." And Tim wrote a little more about Jill in his blog, too. Thanks, Tim!

Writing on the O'Reilly Radar website, Editorial Director Jimmy Guterman mentioned our effort nicely in an article titled A rare post about the music industry that isn't completely depressing. We're glad we could help cheer Jimmy up.

We got mentioned fairly early on on MetaFilter, where some lively discussion ensued.

Blogger and trend spotter extrordinaire Kevin Kelly mentions us in a fascinating and insightful article on an economic model he calls 1,000 True Fans. Fascinating stuff (even if he does misidentify Jill as a Canadian singer).

Blogger and finance guy Ben Kepple wrote about us in his blog, specifically addressing the issue of fan invested CDs (which we talked about doing but realized we really couldn't), why they really can't happen under current law, and actually proposed the invention of a new type of corporation that congress could possibly create in order to make it feasible. We will watch developments in this area with interest.

And finally, author, New Republic music critic, and long-time Jill Sobule booster David Hajdu was interviewed by New York Times Blog writer Dwight Garner for a weekly feature called "Living With Music," in which leading authors are asked to come up with some sort of play list of thematically-related material. Hajdu produces a list of songs from his youth, pop songs from the 60s and 70s which he felt transcended the period's "confectionery artifice of AM-radio hits" by being "fascinating, delightful, oddly ambitious and downright weird." In his list: mostly B-sides by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Bobby Darin, The Animals, and other luminaries of the period... and then, in a surprising entry, #10 in his list turns out to be Strawberry Gloss by Jill Sobule. Hajdu writes, "This is not a single, nor even a song from the 60s or 70s, but a recent tune by one of our most gifted living songwriters that evokes without a moment of cheap sentiment the hopeful trauma of adolescent life. In between verses, the kids in this song would be listening to the records on this list." Okay, neither Hajdu nor the Times put that last bit in bold -- we did that. And this actually has nothing at all to do with the Jill's Next Record project. But we thought that was an awfully nice thing for him to say, and since it is a recent mention in the press, we decided to include it here anyway. Thanks, David. (By the way, you can listen to Strawberry Gloss on our music page).

Finally, we'd like to extend a word of thanks to bloggers, webmasters, and musicians everywhere, many of whom have been giving us free publicity on their own sites by linking to us here. We wish we could name them all -- there simply are too many for us to include them all. But thanks again, everybody. We would not be here without you.


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