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And now, a little music...
In July, 2007, Jill performed two shows on successive nights at Joe's Pub, a venue that has over the last few years become more or less her performance "home" in New York City. Piano / keyboard / accordion player Steve Gaboury joined Jill for portions of both shows. These were two normal, regularly scheduled shows, but we decided to use them in an experiment we were conducting in the recording and distribution of live shows.

Joe's Pub logoUsing multi-track recording equipment, we made quality digital recordings of both shows. Later, we mixed them and did a little post production work, in order to produce something sort of akin to a live album, albeit a bit rougher. We gave out 100 electronic "keys" to people, 50 at each show, which they could insert into their computers to download themselves a copy of the final recording, once it was ready. The resulting recording was basically (like many live albums) an amalgam of material recorded at the two shows, assembled together to sound like a single performance.

The test was a resounding success (and we are continuing to look at using this technology for, ultimately, selling people downloadable copies of live shows, but that's another story). After the test was complete, we made the recording available to everyone, for free, on Jill's website, and that download has become one of our most popular downloads ever. Many people have commented that the recording captures a good part of the essence of the "live Jill Sobule experience," something Jill's hardcore fans know is a special treat indeed.

So... we're making a special version of that show available to you, possibly a Live Jill Sobule virgin, here. You can listen to the entire show play live on your computer (which it should be doing now, as you read this), or select individual tracks from the player on this page. Please note that, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you may experience a delay of a fraction of a second or possibly a bit more in between tracks when playing (streaming) the show live from this page. If you like what you hear and would like a copy of the show for yourself (without the gaps between tracks), you can go to this page on Jill's website and download one for free. It's our gift to you!

We hope you enjoy the show!

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