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Guest Book

For years I've been handing out business cards that say "Producer" on them. Of
course it was a bold-faced lie. Until now. I can't wait for the CD to come out.
And, I'm sure that next year I'll have a reason to watch the Grammy's.

You go girl!

Mike G.
3/13/2008 10:26:55 AM ET

Wow, you made it and I just made it under the deadline to donate. Good luck with the record and I hope to see you in Ohio in support of it.

Amber (Oh)
3/8/2008 6:56:26 AM ET

Hey Jill,

Good luck with the new project. This was a brilliant idea!

Rob M

Rob Medinger
3/8/2008 6:21:46 AM ET

What can I say that hasn't already been said? It is so exciting to be part of the next record. Go Jill!

Thomas Wagner
3/8/2008 3:38:40 AM ET

Wow! Talk about waiting until the last minute! Glad to see you reached the goal so quickly! I can't wait for the new album. I think we may be changing the course of music. Down the with the labels! Up with the people! We've upped our standards! Now up...well, you know the rest.
The one and only...Token Mormon

David Lee
3/8/2008 2:15:23 AM ET

Congrats on reaching your goal! Can't wait to hear the new record!

Laura Reans
3/7/2008 9:35:31 PM ET

Dear Jill -

I'm giving you an additional $5 [I'm already a pewter] as I bought all five of your CDs used on Amazon. You probably saw diddly-squat in terms of sales royalties, so I am bypassing the crooked mf record companies and giving it to you.

I really appreciate your music,


Gregory Antoniono
3/7/2008 7:47:44 PM ET

Good Luck on the next record. Hope to see you in Pittsburgh sometime soon.

Rick & Tammy Maue
3/7/2008 7:41:59 PM ET

Glad you made it! Look forward to hearing the record.

Chris Hathway
3/7/2008 3:40:32 PM ET

I was ecstatic when I read about this your initiative on the CNN website. I knew that I wanted to be a part of this excellent project, so I'm now a Pewter contributor. A very warm hug from (me) a new fan you've now made, living in Sweden!

Glenn Farnham
3/7/2008 3:02:02 PM ET

Kudos to you, Jill, for going beyond the archaic music industry model. I wish the best for you and your music.

Steve Milberger
3/7/2008 2:23:47 PM ET

Jill, I have been a fan for many years. I saw one of your concerts in Sante Fe when you and the late, Warren Zevon, played. It was wonderful. If I had to pick 3 of your songs above the others I would have to say Somewhere in New Mexico (and not just because I live in NM), Mexican Wrestler and that one about trains...I forget the name right now.. I don't have much money but I hope my small donation can in some way help you put out your next album. Thank you for all the pleasure and inspiration you have given me.

John Lonquist
3/7/2008 1:34:51 PM ET


I am now an unpolished rock donor. To prove there's no hard feelings, check out my latest entry: arcanaobscura.blogspot.com

I remain,
Baron Saturday of Arcana Obscura

Baron Saturday
3/7/2008 1:12:44 PM ET

Hi Jill -

Awesome idea. After seeing you @ TED all these years, I'm psyched that I'm the one to push you over the $75K level. Congrats!


Josh Kopelman
3/7/2008 10:21:18 AM ET

I'm sure the new record will be awesome. But the visit to Chicago to promote it...priceless! ;-)

Jerry G.
3/7/2008 2:42:45 AM ET

While I would love to have been able to spring for the house concert, I don't have a house or the extra 4 grand. But as this proves I would do almost anything for a new Jill Sobule album. And next time I will go for the house concert, 'cause then I would play first, and could say from then on that I once opened for Jill Sobule...Sneaky, true, but an honour nevertheless.

Michael Hiller
3/7/2008 12:32:21 AM ET

Great idea! Break a leg!

Nick Danger, Third Eye
3/6/2008 11:58:49 PM ET

We could count on one hand the other artists we'd dip into our stimulus rebates for! Knock 'em dead, Jill.

Joy & Dave Lucas
3/6/2008 9:54:10 PM ET

Best of luck with this project! I think this is a great idea.

3/6/2008 9:43:21 PM ET


I've been a fan of yours since 1984, when I heard you sing at Straight Johnson's in Denver. My friend, John, had a huge crush on you, and was SO excited when he was able to chat with you during one of your breaks.

Good luck on the new record!

Bret Overholtzer
3/6/2008 8:47:27 PM ET

I first heard Jill's music on Harry Shearer's radio program "Le Show". I love the creativity of this woman!

Daniel Clingaman
3/6/2008 8:14:35 PM ET

I have been a fan of yours since I first heard Living Color in 1991.
You are always fabulous!

- Jim Weiss

Toonces Missy BooKitty Topolina BoBo
3/6/2008 6:56:50 PM ET


Jason Brown
3/6/2008 6:51:53 PM ET

Happy to contribute and looking forward to my slice of the pie! Don't forget to add nuts.

Noble K Thomas
3/6/2008 3:52:54 PM ET

Hey Jill,

Sorry it took so long to donate...restaurant closes for the winter in P-town. I am so looking forward to the next CD. Maybe you can have your release party down here.

Sue Modrak
3/6/2008 3:06:01 PM ET

can't wait to hear it! much love!!

3/6/2008 2:39:13 PM ET

You go, girl!

David & Susan McEowen
3/6/2008 1:59:16 PM ET

I'm absolutely thrilled that you're recording again. Let's blast the radios with this album and give it more press than Britney's crotch shots!

Mark Frossard
3/6/2008 1:32:06 PM ET

Great Idea, and best of luck to you!

Dj Erdmann
3/6/2008 1:14:06 PM ET

Looking forward to it... Good Luck!

Michael B.
3/6/2008 12:18:25 PM ET

I loved you at Joe's Pub. You were awesome. Good luck on this CD.

Adam Britcher
3/6/2008 12:06:39 PM ET

I've seen you live a few times in Philadelphia and have all of your CDs. I have also recommended you as a new artist for the 2009 Cayamo Singer Songwriter cruise. You should contact Andy at Cayamo.com and get signed up for this event. Hope to see you there!

Susan Hilley
3/6/2008 11:15:56 AM ET

I saw the article in the New York Times on my PDA while I was traveling in Italy a few days ago. How fantastic for you! I figured since it's been a while since the whole "new iBook" fund, I'd help out again. Can't wait to hear the new material! Rock on!!

Elyse Pasquale
3/6/2008 10:18:05 AM ET

I saw you at Joe's Pub back in July while I was visiting NYC and had a great time at the show. Here's to more great performances in the future.

Ben Combee
3/6/2008 1:54:51 AM ET

I've always loved you, Jill! Keep on doing what you've been doing and making the world just that little bit better with your wonderful music!

Bryan Irrera
3/6/2008 1:23:57 AM ET

Have loved your music since your first release. You make my life brighter by your continued creation of beautiful music. Look forward to your next release.

Bonnie Applebee
3/6/2008 12:50:29 AM ET

Grand idea, Jill. Well worth any investment for the talent involved. Keep up the good work and putting yourself out there!

3/5/2008 11:55:23 PM ET

Good luck, I hope that your CD is a huge success!

Daniel Marr
3/5/2008 11:48:39 PM ET

I really like your idea to have people help with the funding of the record. The more people understand what it takes to write, record and produce music, th more they will embrace the creative rights. I am glad to be able to help!

Dan Schley
3/5/2008 10:41:17 PM ET

Inspiring lyrics, awesome shows, rocking music and witty charm...worth every bit of $75K and more. This is the best money I've spent in quite a while!

Here's wishing you that this is your most successful CD yet!

Taylor & Annie
3/5/2008 9:12:46 PM ET

Can't wait to hear the new album!!! Best wishes!

3/5/2008 8:40:37 PM ET


I love your work! Thanks for the opportunity to help support it!

Shmuel (Weinberger)
3/5/2008 8:09:21 PM ET

I have been a fan for many years, and I think this is a wonderful idea. You have been such an inspiration, Jill. Thank you for the generous gift of your talent. I have only had the pleasure of seeing you in concert once, and I was in the front row. It was a few years ago when you were on tour with Cyndi Lauper. I can't wait until the new album comes out!!!

Jenny "Spice" Hall
3/5/2008 6:56:11 PM ET

Very well done Ms. Sobule. Can't wait to hear the record. Otto

P.S. Your high school economics teacher says thumbs up for the business plan :)

Otto Konrad
3/5/2008 5:21:45 PM ET

Hey Jill! I wish I could have donated more money, but I'm a poor starving artist myself. Maybe one day after I make my first fan-funded album I can open for you. You are a genius not to mention so talented!!! This album is going to be great...I know it.

Amanda Duncan
3/5/2008 4:39:09 PM ET

Good luck, Jill!

Jeff Yaus
3/5/2008 4:37:53 PM ET

Massive good luck, Jill!

3/5/2008 4:20:33 PM ET

I hope you're living the dream.

Ryan Knapper
3/5/2008 4:15:13 PM ET

Record companies stink STINK S-T-I-N-K because they're greedy. I'll happily give money directly to Jill so she can beat the system!

big craig faye
3/5/2008 2:49:50 PM ET

Good Luck w/ the record, Jill! Can't wait to hear your next brilliant offering.

3/5/2008 1:56:14 PM ET

Was both proud and happy to contribute, make a great record!

Tremayne Crossley
3/5/2008 12:58:26 PM ET

It's been too long since we've seen you live (you need to come to Florida more often!). No point in us getting the "free shows for a year"...we'd go broke on traveling costs!

(:urt & |<elly
3/5/2008 12:38:43 PM ET

Jill: I've only seen you live once, at Judith Owen and Harry Shearer's Holiday Sing-Along in San Francisco, 2006. My loss. Wish I had enough $ to have you play a concert at my house, but this will have to do. Good luck with the record!

Fred Sandsmark
3/5/2008 12:30:24 PM ET

you have always been a fabulous artist and i cannot live in this world without a new record from you! we saw you at the "women in song" fundraiser for women helping women in new jersey (my son, daughter and i) and we thought you were wonderful and loved that you called your mom during the concert and that you're a yankees fan! best of luck, jill!

Dawn Duffy
3/5/2008 11:01:34 AM ET

Good luck with the new record!

Hunter Goosmann
3/5/2008 8:50:39 AM ET

Excellent idea, especially for your overseas fans. Can't wait to hear this new CD.
all the best!

3/5/2008 8:20:05 AM ET

I think this is the coolest idea I've seen in a while, and from one of my favorite singers, too! This story is the best news I've seen on CNN in a long time.

3/5/2008 7:54:10 AM ET

I love your music. This is a great idea and I am quite pleased to support an artist with your talents. Here's wishing all things good to you.

Michael Stull
3/5/2008 7:45:04 AM ET

Jill--This is such a cool idea and as a long-time fan of yours I'm so happy to take part in it!

Robbie Leff
3/5/2008 6:29:14 AM ET

I can't wait to hear your next CD!!!!!!

3/5/2008 6:02:55 AM ET

Jill, you rock!

And no, I'm not calling you a rock, I'm saying that rocking is something you do. This is a great idea and your amazing songs are the icing on the cake -- the cake that looked good enough to convince me to pull out my wallet. Good luck with the project!

P.S. Love your work. Stay beautiful. Hit me up next time you're in LA. We'll do lunch on my dime. Have your peons call my peons. (Great big air kiss!)

Chris White, TopFive.com, Studio City, CA
3/5/2008 5:34:44 AM ET

I am donating, not because of the music (the music is good, but not really my kind of music), but because I think it is a worthy project. The idea of using the internet to get small donations from a lot of people is great, and once you have a small fanbase it is doable. So I am giving a small tip in the hope that you one day make a great album.
(The way I found your site was: boingboing.net -> an article on kk.org about 1000 True fans -> Your site)

3/5/2008 4:56:54 AM ET

What a great project - I can't wait to hear the album :)

3/5/2008 3:18:03 AM ET

Kudos not only for having the guts to go it on your own, but to do it in such a progressive way - embracing trends instead of fighting them pointlessly. I do hope you'll consider making your album available for download in at least one lossless format (WAV or Apple Lossless would be ideal, but FLAC or WMA Lossless would also be fine). MP3 doesn't do justice to good music.

Chris Lim, Singapore
3/5/2008 2:59:21 AM ET

Good Luck, We're All Counting On You..

Michael Graham
3/5/2008 2:53:48 AM ET

Amazing effort on the forefront of what the music industry will become. I discovered you because of your amazing cover of Nelly, and look forward to whatever you come up with!

3/5/2008 2:49:41 AM ET

Hey Jill,
This is an awesome idea,

I have high hopes that it proves successful for you and that it can serve as an example to other artists that have fallen through the corporate cracks to continue to provide their fans with their great music.

I love your music and look forward to hearing more of it. Thanks Jill.

Marcus Blaisdell
3/5/2008 12:54:38 AM ET

Go bananas!

3/5/2008 12:48:40 AM ET


I am glad to have the chance to help support your work on a new record. While I can't afford to sing with you, any chance you need a bass guitar? :) I look forward to hearing the new tracks and hopefully seeing a show in the future!

All my best!

3/5/2008 12:44:49 AM ET

Gooney friggin' goo goo.

Don't take me off your mailing list, or else I can't support you! Grrr...

Do a bunch of Warren Zevon covers. And have fun, dammit.

ashley morris
3/5/2008 12:24:27 AM ET

I'm donating for two reasons -- first, because Jill Sobule music reminds me of the best parts of my struggling grad school days, and second, because SOMEONE from Arkansas needed to contribute, darn it.

Brian Smith
3/4/2008 11:55:22 PM ET

I'm still in love with your second album, some of the best music of my high school years. Wish I had the 10k, I could play some really limited guitar :)
However I can offer other help. I'm an illustrator, http://lina-chen.com , if you ever need some art or design.

Lina Chen
3/4/2008 11:42:06 PM ET

First Radiohead, then Nine Inch Nails, now Jill. I will support artists that make their work available and accessible in new and interesting ways. Good Luck, Jill.

Steven Glickman
3/4/2008 11:38:15 PM ET

Hey there, I've never listened to your music before, but I am impressed by your motivation and character. Hope to hear good things from you.

Dustin Saldivar
3/4/2008 11:09:25 PM ET

Hi Jill,

You're stuff has always been brilliant. I wish I could afford more.. but I am an entertainment PR agent, with an awesome list of music journalists... so maybe I can help you out in other ways :)

Michael Meyers
3/4/2008 11:06:08 PM ET

I've been listening to you ever since I was 7. Literally 7 years old. It was the very first album I ever owned. I'm a poor college student so I can only afford to give $10, but I can't wait for the next album!

Neva Winkle
3/4/2008 11:04:32 PM ET

Proud to support artistic freedom!

Andrew Bruemmer
3/4/2008 10:58:13 PM ET

Like many people I discovered your music from the "I Kissed A Girl" video on MTV. Once I bought the CD I instantly fell in love with it. Songs like "Houdini's Box" and "(Theme From) The Girl In The Affair" are beautiful songs that I never tire of hearing. And of course your witty, clever lyrics are a treasure. I only wish I could donate more... but hopefully my small donation will help in this endeavor so your voice can continue to be heard.

PS - Come back to Pittsburgh soon!!

John Niespodzianski
3/4/2008 10:51:58 PM ET

Jill, I never cared for your music. Just being honest. But I think you're talented, and I respect what you are trying to do. Good luck in your endeavor, I hope my donation helps!

Timothy Simmons
3/4/2008 10:39:58 PM ET

Whoo! Who needs a record company!

Karl Brauner
3/4/2008 10:27:43 PM ET

If I could afford to give you more than my $10, I would. The big record companies have a way of twisting an artist around until their music isn't even recognizable as their own. Bravo to artists like yourself who want to get away from all that. Looking forward to the album.
And BRAVO to your mom for helping out. Way to go, Mom. :)

Susan Bell
3/4/2008 9:31:25 PM ET

Jill: I'm so excited to contribute to your next album. I have so enjoyed your entertainment at the TED conference, and I especially loved your song "you will never love me" this year. I can't wait to hear your new album, and I will personally make sure it's included in the TED2009 gift bag (after all, I'm the "bag guy"). xo -Mark

Mark Dwight
3/4/2008 9:29:09 PM ET

Hmm. Could you name your record "Unfunded Mandate"? "Everybody's Whore"? "Mary Lou Lord Wishes She Had Thought of This!"? "I'm Zoomin' You!" ... anyway, I saw you open for Zevon in SF many years ago, and loved the show. And since the Big Guy [Old Velvet Nose] approved of you, so do I.

Gregory Antoniono
3/4/2008 9:05:01 PM ET

As a fellow artist (paintings/drawings for me), I am wishing you the best of luck with your newest endevour! I wish I could have given more right now, but every bit helps!

Kokuryu Tenchi
3/4/2008 9:04:04 PM ET

I love your music!

Hillary Warren
3/4/2008 8:58:49 PM ET

We are so happy to help you, lovely Jill! If you come to northern Indiana again, you can stay in our guest room (and we don't even have a scary witch oven!) and we'll cook for you...Can't wait to hear what you come up with on your new disc!!!

Tim and Lita
3/4/2008 8:49:30 PM ET

Happy to support your work anytime..!!
From your friends at Club Cafe, Cafe Allegro and Merging Media...in Pittsburgh, PA.

Marco Cardamone
3/4/2008 8:34:37 PM ET

Good luck, Jill!

Kevin Murphy
3/4/2008 8:34:15 PM ET

Crazy idea, which is why I love you!
Can't wait for the CD! Come to Baltimore soon.

Lisa Verger
3/4/2008 8:21:09 PM ET

I think this is such a neat idea. I never heard any of her songs before, but I listened a few and liked them.


Margaret Jones
3/4/2008 6:54:56 PM ET

Good Luck with the new album!

Jason Wolford
3/4/2008 6:23:23 PM ET


I'm so glad I could help contribute to your next record. I've been a long time fan since I worked at Atlantic Records back in 1995. (Yikes!, that was 13 years ago)

I look forward to hearing the new album and wish you continued success on your musical journey.

Warmest Regards,

Scott Heydt
3/4/2008 6:15:45 PM ET

Go for it...make an awesome album. Can't wait to hear it...

Loren & Karen Roberts
3/4/2008 5:59:29 PM ET

Hi Jill--we are your cousins from NC--met you at Arnold's birthday and again at Cat's Cradle some years ago. This is a great idea! Please give our regards to your mom Elaine and the rest of the family. My parents Arvin and Shirley are doing pretty well, getting older but still getting around...they moved to a retirement community in Chapel Hill last year. Anyway please let us know next time you play in the area! good luck with this--Marci

Marci Campbell
3/4/2008 5:33:16 PM ET

Long time fan, Jill. Saw you open up for Joe Jackson years ago, just you and your guitar.

Anyway, hope you actually make the record... otherwise, see you at the craps table!

3/4/2008 4:37:35 PM ET

I saw your story on CNN.com and I just had to help out. I remember your video for "I Kissed A Girl" and wondered where you disappeared to. I'm looking forward to hearing your latest!

Eric Wayte
3/4/2008 4:18:12 PM ET

We saw you in Toronto Dec 2005 w/ Cyndi Lauper - the best show ever!
Would love to see you on Cyndi's True Colors Tour!

3/4/2008 4:02:08 PM ET

break a leg

michael campbell
3/4/2008 3:56:16 PM ET

Good luck with the record! I can't wait to hear it.

3/4/2008 3:51:54 PM ET

All good wishes to your fundraising.

I've donated $10 above the $25 level to cover overseas postage, but if it isn't enough, I can make do with a digital download instead.

Sayling Low
3/4/2008 3:44:26 PM ET

Jill -

I applaud your ingenuity and I applaud for your music!

Sandy Silverberg
3/4/2008 3:42:55 PM ET

Hey Jill!

Just saw the article over on CNN. I think this is brilliant, and I couldn't be happier for you.

Personally, I want to see a sequel/followup to your song "Heroes." That's a personal favorite of mine.

Anyway, best of luck!
aka Iron-Cow

Matt 'Iron-Cow' Cauley
3/4/2008 3:28:42 PM ET

Glad to be able to help out. Love you stuff. Best of luck.

Gregory Church
3/4/2008 3:28:41 PM ET

So pleased to have this opportunity to support such a huge talent. I saw and met you when you played at Maxwell's during your Pink Pearl tour--what a show! Can't wait to hear your next endeavor.

Nicole Busch
3/4/2008 3:18:40 PM ET

Looking forward to the new tuneage and seeing you live again. We have also supported Susan Cowsill in the same manner and are happy to do so.

Stuart & Karen
3/4/2008 3:07:10 PM ET

Good luck! I'd give more but Issa has already gotten all my extra dosh!

Llywelyn Graeme
3/4/2008 3:06:42 PM ET

What fun - I love being able to say I'm part of something big. And I'm sure Jill's Next Record is going to be big!

Peggy Daniel
3/4/2008 3:04:55 PM ET

I've been a fan for years and can't wait to hear what's in store!

3/4/2008 3:03:44 PM ET

Dear Jill,
Hale Milgrim from Santa Barbara saying hello. I was looking for a "tin" achievement but, pewter will do for starters. Let me know when your in town.


P.S.- Say Hello to Tim for me.

Hale Milgrim
3/4/2008 1:56:47 PM ET

What a great idea! Good luck!

3/4/2008 12:57:47 PM ET

I kissed a girl, too, and I liked it!
Best wishes, Jill!

L Diane
3/4/2008 12:40:21 PM ET

You go, girl!

3/4/2008 12:11:19 PM ET

Because "Cinnamon Park" is so ingratiatingly annoying with its Chicago sample that I can't quit playing it. And for "I Kissed a Squirrel."

3/4/2008 12:09:30 PM ET

Good Luck Jill! I look forward to the new album.

3/4/2008 10:06:41 AM ET

I've never heard of Jill Sobule before today but read an article on msnbc.com and checked it out. I listened to a couple of Jill's tunes and liked what I hear. Unique idea. Good luck in your goal. I don't see why you won't get it. You're a fresh young talent.

John DeWilde
3/4/2008 9:10:10 AM ET

Great idea Jill! Hi Elaine. We heard you first on 90.5 the night and we saw you at Brookdale and we are big fans! Good luck with the record, can't wait to hear it!

Mark & Cindy Allen
3/4/2008 9:04:25 AM ET

Jill, this is a PHENOMENONAL idea! First Radiohead's honor system download, then Trent Reznor's direct download project which went on sale today, and now this... there's no end of ways that artists can use the internet to connect directly to their fans without seventeen layers of middlemen. I should know; that's how I fund my writing.

Alexandra Erin
3/4/2008 4:07:29 AM ET

Jill, I know you'll reach your goal. Can't wait to hear the new album.

Marie Loggia-Kee
3/4/2008 12:01:10 AM ET

Best of luck! Glad I could help in some way!!! Looking forward to the record.

3/3/2008 10:57:30 PM ET

great idea. your music and live shows make great musical memories. You are a great songwriter and entertainer. I am looking forward to hearing the album!

Greg Montano
3/3/2008 10:44:18 PM ET

I can't wait to listen to it!!

maeve kerrigan
3/3/2008 9:47:10 PM ET

You know, if I place a dollar value of $10 a piece on the great bootlegs I've got of your live shows (and that's a bargain) (and I'm only counting the GREAT ones) I probably STILL owe you money. It is a pleasure to give something back, to help fund the music, and to help bring down The Man. (I'm not 100% sure this is actually helping to bring down The Man, but no harm letting me go on believing that.)



Air Trumpet Josh From NYC
3/3/2008 8:54:38 PM ET

Jill, we love your stuff!

J Kimball
3/3/2008 8:54:26 PM ET

I have all your CD's, can't wait to hear the new one. :)

3/3/2008 7:51:57 PM ET

This is the BEST! I can't wait for the CD!

Linda Stehno
3/3/2008 7:07:51 PM ET

'Rock Me to Sleep' is one of the 1st songs I ever downloaded (and one of my favorites.)Thank You Jill!

3/3/2008 7:00:38 PM ET

I can't wait to hear the new album! I'm hoping you'll play in the Baltimore or Pittsburgh area so I can come and see you. I love you!

Dawn O
3/3/2008 6:40:54 PM ET

I have loved your music since college. Many of your songs have gotten me through hard and wonderful times. I'm so happy you're releasing a new album. Good luck!

3/3/2008 6:32:02 PM ET

Jill: I'm happy to donate some Wedding gig money to such musically gifted artist, and can't wait to hear what you come up with next. The thought of you using the money to make another willful, smart, and honest record cleanses some of the shameful words of another Texas minister from my embattled brain. Underdog victorious!

Richard Rivera
3/3/2008 6:08:17 PM ET

Have fun with it Jill. Can't wait to hear the album.

Eric Hartmann
3/3/2008 5:35:34 PM ET

Jill, I just finished my CD in Woodstock, NY at NRS. They were fantastic. If you'd like more info, please contact me. I'd be happy to send you my CD. Or you can hear it at http://sonicbids.com/budbuckley. I'm totally in your corner. Good luck. Can't wait to hear this.
Bud Buckley

Bud Buckley
3/2/2008 2:25:45 PM ET

You rock, Jill Sobule! Best wishes for a smooth and incredibly creative recording project, and I hope you have a great time in the process!

Rick Bennett
3/2/2008 12:37:41 PM ET

Hey Jill, I figured I can buy a few less clothes with my refund and donate to my two favorites, you and Olivia (Cancer Centre Great Wall walk). I'll get much more pleasure out of listening to your record than wearing a pair of jeans that might or might not make my butt look good.

Mike Chiodo (Mikiodo)
3/2/2008 5:09:48 AM ET

I had a very fun time with you at TED. Hope all continues to go well with Kim and your new record - and I want a vinyl copy! Please let us know next time you are near SF and we will call if we are in LA.

Roger (and Barb)

Roger Bohl
3/2/2008 12:44:23 AM ET

Happy to help, Jill. Please come to San Francisco again soon!

Erik Wilson
2/29/2008 11:54:05 AM ET

Looking forward to the album, Jill!

Come to England to tell us all about it when it's finished.

Robert Williams
2/29/2008 11:47:28 AM ET

Have you found Bobbie Gentry yet?

Janice & Tom Dehn
2/29/2008 10:09:15 AM ET

Thanks for all the years of great music.

Eric Karnowski
2/28/2008 10:30:06 PM ET

Your South Elm Street roots will make for some fine new songs. Good luck!

Diane Balkin
2/28/2008 6:59:28 PM ET

Good luck.

Nash Bozard
2/28/2008 4:31:42 AM ET

Hi Jill,

Being Paul Surratt's girlfriend there was no way I could not help make your next album come to life. Everytime I get in Paul's car I get to hear one of you CD's over and over again. NOT that there is anything wrong with that but I look foward to the new album. :-) Just kidding your music is great. Best of luck always.

Nancy Newman
2/26/2008 12:30:43 AM ET


I only wish it could be more. You are such an original voice in this world full of cookie cutter personas.. You and your music, not to mention your open views and voice in your blogs, have helped me to express my own feelings and frustations with the crazy, unjust world. I can not wait to see you with Ethel in NYC on March 20th! All my love and best wishes... undervictorious

2/24/2008 11:10:27 PM ET

Looking forward to it! By the way, Jill, I think your mother might need a new CD player; her message said something about discs being stuck in it; that happened to me once. But I can't remember how I got into a CD player in the first place.

2/22/2008 11:43:38 AM ET

Good luck. I'm looking forward to the CD. Please play more shows in the CT area!

Joe Bob Reilly
2/21/2008 10:10:55 PM ET

Look, Ma--I'm a Medici!!!

Charcoalita E.
2/21/2008 10:58:07 AM ET


Sorry it took me so long to get this investment to you. I hope the rest of your fans would get it together and ante up. I know it'll be a knockout record and I look forward to seeing my name in the liner notes!!! I'm finally famous!!!

Scott Owen
2/21/2008 8:00:18 AM ET

It won't be long before you reach your goal and the world has Jill's Next Record. And the world will be a better place for you...and me.

Mike Maginot
2/21/2008 1:29:35 AM ET

Go, Jill!

2/19/2008 8:03:20 PM ET

Good luck! :)

Hillel Cooperman
2/19/2008 6:03:21 PM ET

Thanks Jill - I'm really looking forward to the new record. And I'm glad to be able to help an artist - especially one I admire - directly, rather than helping some exec get a new gilted cusion for his pool house.

More shows in Pittsburgh (when I can go, that is!)

Alan Tignanelli
2/19/2008 9:28:11 AM ET

As a fellow musician, and particularly one not able to make a living performing, my support comes from a very genuine place in my soul. I can't wait to hear the result and commend you for your creative thinking even in the procedural and administrative part of being a musician.

Michael Bartel
2/19/2008 4:18:04 AM ET

What a fabulous idea for financing your next album. We can't wait to hear it!

Nancy & Mark McClelland
2/18/2008 11:48:51 PM ET

You complete me!!!!
Thanks for the great stories, you are a very gifted lady!!!!

Jim Chillemi
2/18/2008 10:57:34 PM ET

Great DIY idea. Make sure you keep creating revolutionary songs on this one! You inspire so many of us to keep fighting the good fight!

Scott Goodstein
2/18/2008 10:54:59 PM ET

I was horrified to see that no West Virginians had donated to this worthwhile cause. Consider me the first! I'll spread the news through the hills and hollers! Viva Jill!

Valery Staskey-Roeder
2/18/2008 7:06:07 PM ET

Yo, at Joe's Pub you turned my bad mood into a good mood.

Michael Jeffrey Cohen
2/18/2008 1:49:30 AM ET

Love your stories and musicality. And sense of humor.

james townsend
2/17/2008 2:00:29 PM ET

Great show in Philly a few weeks ago.
Come back soon. Good luck with the new CD.

Brian P.
2/16/2008 1:56:01 PM ET

Go get 'em, Jill - It'll be a Great record!

Geoff Campbell
2/16/2008 1:27:44 PM ET

Go kick some @$$!

Ray Lopez
2/16/2008 1:04:06 PM ET

Thanks Jill for all the wonderful music! I'm looking forward to the new Album! Now come to upstate NY sometime--you have fans here! And beautiful theaters, ranging from the acoustically perfect Troy Music Hall to the beautiful Proctors Theatre in Schenectady.

Neil Shapiro
2/16/2008 1:02:30 AM ET

We'd love to see you in Northern California as well!

2/15/2008 7:07:35 PM ET

you rock my world!!!!!

kristina goolsby
2/15/2008 2:06:21 PM ET

I'm glad I could be part of your next record!

2/15/2008 1:11:55 PM ET

It's not much; I'm trying to buy a house with my family. Every little bit counts, as you know. Wanna help me buy a house? Donate $5! Just kidding.

Robert Geise
2/15/2008 10:26:28 AM ET

Just saw you at Joe's Pub—if you do a live album, record there, 'kay? We miss you in New York!

Jenny Langsam
2/15/2008 9:00:55 AM ET

I love this idea, but it wouldn't work for just anyone. Underdog Victorious was such a great, underappreciated album and I cannot wait for the follow-up!

Keith Waits
2/14/2008 10:57:28 PM ET

I've been a huge Jill fan ever since randomly hearing a late-night live radio show performance of Houdini's Box in the mid-late 90's. Since then, I take great pride in introducing her incredible talent to scores of friends and family. It only seems right to take advantage of this rare opportunity to be a small part of her latest project.

David G.
2/14/2008 10:18:36 PM ET

I'm looking forward to your upcoming cd. Thanks!

Dan Fleming
2/14/2008 7:04:19 PM ET

I'm so happy to be able to help out - even if it's just a little. I can't wait to see/hear the result!

All the best,
(Used to be from Denmark, but now it's Greenland)

Jane Mechlenborg
2/14/2008 6:59:26 PM ET

Go forth and prosper!

Ivan Oransky
2/14/2008 5:56:03 PM ET

Jill, I feel like you are a special sprite sent to brighten my life. I'm just so happy to be paying you back for the hug you gave me at a festival in St. Louis 5 years ago. Come back to Chicago soon!

2/14/2008 5:46:07 PM ET

Hi Jill,
all my best wishes and much success for your next record, I'm looking forward to
hear some new great songs!


Stefan Troeger
2/13/2008 4:04:02 PM ET

Hi Jill, finally I also did my donation. So good luck with the album, not that far to go. Keep up the good work.

Michael Rahm
2/13/2008 3:54:45 PM ET

Thanks Jill for days and days of me singing "too loudly for this time of night". :-)

Reid Fishler
2/12/2008 1:50:48 AM ET

I can't wait to hear the new album. I wish you all the luck and success with it

Andrea Weiss
2/12/2008 1:43:33 AM ET

Good luck, Jill!

Warren Zevon Bulletin Board
2/11/2008 5:14:13 PM ET

Wow! This is like being given an opportunity to spraypaint your intitials on the Great Pyramid at Ghiza. Or to pass the chisel to Michelangelo while he's working on his statue of Moses or David. Or maybe it's like helping arrange some of the flowers for the cover photo on the SGT. PEPPER album. Or like racking focus for Greg Toland when he was shooting Orson Welles' CITIZEN KANE. Hey, I know, it's like inserting a reed into the saxophone so Charlie Parker can blow at Birdland, or maybe so Coltrane could play "My Favorite Things." It's like tuning Warren Zevon's piano. It's like filling up Keith Richard's syringe. Like hanging the original disco ball at Studio 54. Like helping Chaplin with his mustache...

Ray Greene
2/10/2008 3:55:06 AM ET

Dear Jill-
I am very happy to be a part of your next project. I wish you the best of luck with this endeavor.

alison k.
2/10/2008 12:33:01 AM ET

Jill, we've been fans since we first heard you on WFUV back in 1995. Now we're living in Milwaukee. Stop by on your next tour. I'm sure the Pabst Theater, Turner's Ballroom or Shank Hall would love to have you.

Dan and Connie Kwas
2/9/2008 4:58:36 PM ET

My husband and I just saw you at Joe's Pub. Nothing calms me down more than your "happy suicide" music--here's to a kindred soul...

Sandi S, Brooklyn
2/9/2008 12:38:05 PM ET

Put Her in the Grammy Show (sung to the tune of Put Him in the Hall of Fame)

If Jill would just write pablum, she'd probalby have a hit
Tha radio just might play her songs, but we woulnd't give a....whit (family version here)

If Jll's songs weren't so clever, so heartfelt and so bold
She'd sell a lot more CDs, but the truth wouldn't be told

If Jll had sold her soul to those fickle Top Forty gods
Her songs might get more airplay but they wouldn't be the same
They'd be stupid, trite and lame

Oh put her on the Grammy show
Give Brittney the ol' heave ho
Get Jill Sobule on to the Grammy's, said put her on the Grammy show

In a parallel universe Jill's songs are flat and sappy
That Jill doesn't sing about Jetpacks, and her songs don't make us happy
But in that scarey universe it's not the Jill we love
Our Jill without a label, who's going to rise above

She may not sell out the Garden yet, but that's OK by us
Who needs a cold arena, we've got Cafe Du Nord
Come on Jill fans, climb on board

Oh put her on the Grammy show
Give Bono the ol' heave ho
Get Jill Sobule on to the Grammy's, said put her on the Grammy show

I hope you don't hate this, Jill, and I hope this falls into the "reasonable and guest book-ish" category. We love ya in SF!!


Kevin Cross
2/8/2008 11:34:19 PM ET

Best of luck with the album, Jill. I just wish I could afford to give more. Here's hoping you include "The Most Miserable Girl in the World."

the guy who put you on Bobbie Gentry's Wikipedia page

Eamon Doyle
2/8/2008 11:01:40 PM ET


I love your music - can't wait to hear the new album. Hope you can make it down under.

Love Josh

Josh Leuner
2/8/2008 5:56:56 PM ET

Hi Jill,

Sandy here from Paul Surratt's office. The accountant here!! I have had the pleasure of being Paul's guest many times to hear you perform!! Saw you at his 59th and 60th party...actually both of them:):):):)
Anyway good luck!!

Take care

Sandy Hafer

Sandra Hafer
2/7/2008 9:13:50 PM ET

excited to hear the new album. Hey you are in my upcoming book - did I tell you I got a book deal?

Gary Fong
2/7/2008 1:33:54 PM ET

Jill, would love to give more, but here it is - you go girl - you are my heroine! You make me laugh, cry, and think. There's an abundance of each every time I listen to your songs. And your live performances are the best. Keep 'em coming!

Vicky Stanton
2/6/2008 7:56:25 PM ET

I'm pleased to support your next album, even if I suspect it will not be entirely in Yiddish!

Mark Leviton
2/6/2008 6:41:05 PM ET

Thank you for the opportunity to catch up with my daughter who recorded several punk bands which promptly split up. Those CDs are in boxes in our basement unlike your new CD, Jill, that will grace the finest CD and MP3 players.


2/6/2008 3:52:17 PM ET

Hey Jill! Can't wait to hear the new album!

Brian Walmer
2/6/2008 12:25:40 PM ET

Love you, Jill! I'm glad I can be a part of this ... I met you briefly when you were in Toronto, and you're every bit as kind and generous with your time in person as you are online. Thank you for everything you've given to us.

DJ Sylvis
2/6/2008 11:51:03 AM ET

Hope this helps Jill! I saw you with Warren Zevon in Northampton,MA years ago, and have been waiting to see you live again ever since. Good luck with the new album. "Mexican Wrestler" is the best song ever!

Aaron Morse
2/6/2008 9:33:53 AM ET

Thanks for all the great music. Underdog Victorious is one of the best records of the "aughts" and your version of "Merry Christmas from the Family" is a holiday classic!

George Reed
2/5/2008 7:50:52 PM ET

Hi Jill, I just gave you money because you're great! My credit card lists me as Margaret but I go by Meg. I went by Margaret I'd already have a song named after me, but I don't want to be a porn star, so Meg will do. Uh-oh, is "porn" offensive?

Meg Clark
2/4/2008 7:57:21 PM ET

I am so very delighted to be a part of this event... plus it is less expensive to support the new record than it is to fly from Australia to see Jill live.

Sean O'Callaghan
2/4/2008 6:20:02 PM ET

I first saw Jill when she opened for Joe Jackson in Berkeley, Ca. I was hooked, I have been a fan ever since. She once offered to share her chocolate chip cookie with me outside of the Knitting Factory. She is very sweet and very, very talented. I heart Jill!

Susan Smith
2/3/2008 4:27:57 PM ET

I am thrilled to participate. XM Radio has been playing "San Francisco," which forced me to pull my car off the road twice so that I could enjoy that perfect song in the fullest way! I have now downloaded the song from the site (thank you, Jill) and I am looking forward to a new disc. You are absolutely terrific.

Joel Bush
2/2/2008 10:13:57 PM ET

This is so cool. I think Jill is the greatest. Good Luck!

Annie Clements
2/2/2008 8:26:16 PM ET

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 10 years since I heard those wonderful musical sounds coming from the stage of a small Cleveland club that I went to to see Warren Zevon that changed my musical life forever. I can remember thinking "I don't want to hear that Jill whatever her name is, bring on Warren", then Jill came out on stage and opened with "Don't Fuck With Me", it grabbed my attention and I've been enjoying this wonderful musical experience ever since. Simple yet wonderful music and very personal, it makes me feel like I've experienced everything she sings about. Looking forward to the new project. Come back to Cleveland.

Bob Kocan
2/2/2008 2:34:48 PM ET

A donation to Jill is a donation of joy. Sappy, I know. Yet I can't understate the meaning her music has brought me. The girlfriend who introduced me to Jill's music is long gone, but her music plays on. A $50 donation doesn't even come close to repaying the joy I've experienced listening to Jill's music.
Best wishes in this wild and lovely endeavor. I can hardly wait for the new CD.
P.S.: I downloaded "San Francisco" from the Was site; thanks.

Terence Smith
2/1/2008 12:58:43 PM ET

Jill, I became a fan of yours after watching the movie 'Mind The Gap'. As someone who grew up in the 70's with a guitar strapped to my side, I really appreciate your style, your lyrics and your drive. I hope to see you at Joe's Pub this week. Best of luck to you.


cindy sherman
2/1/2008 9:38:08 AM ET


I hope you will get the necessary money soon.
Looking forward to listen to the new album.
Best wishes

Christian Schmidt
2/1/2008 8:17:36 AM ET

You got me at 'snarky'!

You deserve a bit more - take care.

Paul Waring
2/1/2008 6:07:55 AM ET

Looking forward to your next record- I have no doubt it will be fabulous!

Daniel Marshall
1/31/2008 11:59:07 PM ET

Saw you with the lovely Julia Sweeney last year in Vegas. Awesome!

Reed in Colorado
1/31/2008 11:15:04 PM ET

Best of luck. Can't wait to hear the new release.

1/31/2008 5:54:31 PM ET

Your albums get better and better, so it seems like a good investment to me.

Steve Fenton
1/31/2008 8:38:06 AM ET

As always, you are adorable, brilliant, and hilarious. Please run for President.

Best of luck with the CD. Can't wait to hear it!

Arlene and Mark Klemow
1/31/2008 8:30:39 AM ET

Love from the UK. When the album is out - please come to the UK to gig!!!
Pretty please!

AJ Barnes
1/31/2008 3:28:09 AM ET

May blessings artfully warm your emotional creation. Take care.

Peter Schmidt
1/30/2008 10:49:26 PM ET

Good luck Jill. Don't forget to tour the next record in the UK...

Nick Powell
1/30/2008 5:54:23 PM ET

From a 'snarky friend' - good luck and best wishes!

Paul Waring
1/30/2008 9:52:05 AM ET

You're crazy talented, Jill Sobule.

Adam and Alison Belanoff
1/30/2008 3:12:49 AM ET

My Wellesley education wouldn't have been the same without you!

1/29/2008 4:03:34 PM ET

Can't wait for the next CD!!! I think you're fantastic! Please play Pittsburgh more, too! Good luck! Can I use any more exclamation points?!?!

Jason Perry
1/28/2008 12:42:08 PM ET

Happy to be able to contribute to this worthy cause.

Had a hard time, though, deciding between the Gold Level and the Gold Doubloons Level. If I change my mind and upgrade, do I still receive the added benefits of a Gold Doubloons Level contribution?

1/28/2008 11:34:40 AM ET

Can't wait to hear the new record. It's been too long since the last one!

Danny Haloossim
1/28/2008 1:47:06 AM ET

love you SO much, like in the movie Joe Black so much.

1/28/2008 12:33:02 AM ET

Now do I get to hear the new stuff ? Do I have to sing duets with you or my own song? Love, Mom

Elaine Dillon
1/27/2008 8:28:56 PM ET

Best of luck on the new album. I first heard your music at EG2007.

Matt Mullenweg
1/27/2008 6:46:18 PM ET

I have a few songs you might wish to use. If interested, let me know what genre you are interested to hear.

Floyd Bradley
1/27/2008 5:11:34 AM ET

Go for it Jill!!
Do we get to sing with you?

Pammy and Bob
1/26/2008 9:22:56 PM ET

I'm sorry I can't be more than a polished rock... Good luck, and I can't wait for the new album!

1/26/2008 8:48:20 PM ET

Yeah, I just got you over 30k!

madcaca aka mel
1/26/2008 3:32:30 PM ET

Go get 'em.

Janet V
1/26/2008 3:17:42 PM ET

whatever it takes, the world needs more Sobule music.

G Moon
1/26/2008 10:29:55 AM ET

Can't wait for the new record!

Kris Thurman
1/26/2008 8:17:34 AM ET

I can't wait to hear the album. Best of luck.
--Jeffrey (friend of Bruce from Elm Street).

Jeffrey Beall
1/26/2008 7:54:45 AM ET

Good luck with the new album Jill! I can't wait to hear it.

James Lin
1/26/2008 5:16:56 AM ET

I've been a fan for years. Happy to help, even if only for one three-hundred-thousandth of the total cost. But hey, all you need is one really really rich fan to cough up $74,975, and then I'd be a full half of the necessary contributors all by myself. I feel special now.

Ry Herman
1/26/2008 12:05:27 AM ET

Sadly, I'm just a lowly high school student who currently does not have a job... But I think you're awesome, so I donated some money. Good luck with your album!

Bonny Guang
1/25/2008 11:10:39 PM ET

go jill!

thanks for all of the ispiration you've given so far, i can't wait to hear what's coming next....

mollie in austin
1/25/2008 10:00:32 AM ET

I love this. Now I can say I helped produce an album and pass a polygraph test! Sorry, Jill, I went and made this all about me...xo

Tom Bergeron
1/25/2008 9:21:47 AM ET

Hi Jill, happy to help out, after all the joy your music and live shows have given me over the years. Come back to London soon - we miss you! x

Ian Radburn
1/25/2008 7:03:30 AM ET

I've been a fan for years. Delighted to be able to support your next endeavor directly. All the best, can't wait to hear what you've been doing!

Ben Mautner
1/25/2008 3:24:28 AM ET

We want top billing on the CD
I have several new songs you may want to use

jim and Mary Ellen
1/24/2008 11:40:16 PM ET

Thanks for responding on MetaFilter, can't wait to hear a new record soon!

Matt Haughey
1/24/2008 10:09:48 PM ET

Thanks for the opportunity, Jill. Re-invent this industry, keep yourself working, and keep us greedy fans happy with more material.

Tim Cain
1/24/2008 4:08:54 PM ET

Hi Jill
Hope you come out to St Louis soon to play. I hope you will concider using a picture of me on your CD.

1/24/2008 3:19:32 PM ET

Jill I love to listen to your songs when I eat. I am a great singer too. I love Underdog Victorious and an old song of yours "Lets go to the Zoo" I hope my sister and my Dad will also donate

1/24/2008 3:11:43 PM ET

Hey Jill, hope all is well I MISS YOU!!! I'll come out to visit soon I promise. Do me one favor...Call my dad or get him involved in a radio/cd, he gets jealous of grandma sometimes...LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Your Kick Ass Nephew Robert Sobule
1/24/2008 2:12:30 PM ET

This is so cool!!! Happy to have a tiny part in it.

Carlo Mastrogiacomo
1/23/2008 11:53:56 PM ET

I am happy to donate to this. I've always enjoyed your work and look forward to hearing the new CD. Good luck!

Steven Smith
1/22/2008 9:30:03 PM ET

I am extremely excited to be a Patron of Jill-

Good Luck!

Raymond Haines
1/22/2008 5:09:37 PM ET

Thanks for the tunes, Jill - you're amazing!

1/22/2008 4:41:22 PM ET

I'm thirsty for some new JILL tunes!!!!! Good luck, I can't wait!!!!

1/22/2008 11:30:15 AM ET

Glad to help get another one of your records out. Make sure you come back to Nashville and play some of it for us. It's been too long!

Scott Rambo
1/21/2008 11:48:20 PM ET

Jill, I too came to your music through Warren Zevon. You're incredibly talented and helping you get your next record done is a no-brainer. Good luck!

Charlene Komar Storey
1/21/2008 11:06:26 PM ET

Hi Jill,
I'm a fan via WZ. You have a beautiful voice. Good luck with the CD.

Julia Zeithaml
1/21/2008 8:23:46 PM ET

I'm very happy to contribute to something this cool and worthwhile. More Jill music is money well spent. If only there were a check box on our taxes for that...

Eric T.
1/21/2008 3:30:59 PM ET

For over a year I've been saying that the world needs a new Jill Sobule record. And now I can help make it happen! Thank you for that.

Matt (Germany)
1/21/2008 3:16:54 PM ET

Good luck, Jill! I am really happy to support this effort. Can't wait to hear the new record!

Egon Danielson
1/21/2008 9:09:07 AM ET

hey there oh most prolific songwriting one! i am sooo glad you offered up this chance to help you make the new record! i didn't see a place to put a tshirt size - so make mine an XL please.

good luck and i can't wait to hear you again live soon!

heidi "dj haha" (in seattle)
1/21/2008 1:39:30 AM ET

We love you Jill. Thanks for including us. We have all your CD's. Your Mom's right, this will work!

Medieval Mayhem
1/21/2008 12:23:26 AM ET

Lots of luck with the new album!

Charles Wieland
1/21/2008 12:21:58 AM ET

Jill, still waiting to see ya in the UK....When are ya coming over ?

Georgina/Linda/BB/CP.. UK
1/20/2008 7:25:18 PM ET

Hi Jill, good luck with the new record. It was my pleasure to contribute in some small way. I'm sure it will pay dividends for many years to come. Have fun making the new record!!! xxoo

Joe (American Laundromat Records)
1/20/2008 7:17:49 PM ET

Thank you for entertainig me and making my life more pleasant.
You are very talented.Keep writng songs.

Robert Kaplan
1/20/2008 5:52:08 PM ET

I'm glad I can make some small contribution to your next CD. I'm looking forward to hearing it, and to seeing you again in the NYC area.

Kevin McKenzie
1/20/2008 5:23:41 PM ET

Without Jill and her music in our world all those things sour and fascistic and hateful and cruel would be just alittle too overwhelming.

Chip Phillips
1/20/2008 10:47:33 AM ET

Rickysue says, "Go Jill, make your music soon!"

1/20/2008 7:06:01 AM ET

Looking forward to listening to your new CD (over and over) and seeing you perform in the NYC area.

G. G.
1/19/2008 8:38:48 PM ET

Hey Jill and friends -- I wish I were able to contribute at a higher level, but money's a bit tight. Good luck with everything. I'm looking forward to hearing the new CD.

1/19/2008 8:01:49 PM ET

I cant wait to hear the new album! You are the best!

Michelle Sims
1/19/2008 6:24:03 PM ET

We're so glad to support your new album, and completely psyched to be in a position to treat a pile of friends to a show!!!!

Julie and Dave Warren
1/19/2008 6:06:13 PM ET

Jill- my daughter and I have always loved your stuff and this was just too wacky to pass up- break a leg, or whatever it is you say in the recording business.

Tommy D
1/19/2008 5:08:54 PM ET

Put her in the Hall of Fame!

Matthew Budman
1/19/2008 2:46:45 PM ET

I couldn't find the thing that would let me say what size shirt, but I hope I get XL. I mean, my actual size is technically L, but wearing XL makes me look thinner.

Looking forward to the next CD. :-)

Brian "Arkle" Webber
1/19/2008 2:35:19 PM ET

Hooray for a new album! Good luck =)

Also, please come back to Arizona!!!

Kelly & Stephen B.
1/19/2008 1:45:12 PM ET

I will always support artists, especially female artists. You're not the first, but you're one of my favortes! I've seen a lot of record companies that just don't "get" women musicians, so I hope this is extremely successful and they will be shamed!

Jennifer Wilson (sabathine@yahoo.com)
1/19/2008 12:42:48 PM ET

Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next album

sharon weinman
1/19/2008 11:41:33 AM ET

Well done Jill! I hope this is the beginning of a glorious new era - please come back the UK real soon!

Chris Palmer
1/19/2008 7:59:10 AM ET

A slightly belated happy birthday to you. No, I won't sing it... well, maybe later. Now, go make that great CD already!


Cary Corwin
1/18/2008 7:40:11 PM ET

Good luck Jill I love all your music and can't wait to hear the new record.

1/18/2008 7:26:14 PM ET

Thanks for your music Jill. I hope this "experiment" is an unprecedented success.

Marshall Guthrie - The Real HT Info Podcast
1/18/2008 12:01:09 PM ET

I truly wish you the best of luck with this process. I have no doubt you'll get all the support you need and more!

Ken Schneck
1/18/2008 11:37:11 AM ET

Jill~ your music makes each day a bit better~thank you. good luck with the new cd~

eileen h, ny
1/17/2008 10:47:41 PM ET

Hope the album comes out great (not that there's any doubt). Saw you at Largo recently and loved the new songs. The one about going to Palm Springs was spectacular. Hopefully my $ will help. Only for a great singer/songwriter would I donate the amount I did.

Mark Goode
1/17/2008 9:46:15 PM ET

Keep on singing, Jill - you make the world a better place. Oh, and acting, too, please!

Tinga Lingelbach
1/17/2008 9:09:35 PM ET

With baited breath....

Jen K
1/17/2008 9:00:22 PM ET

Good luck!!! Come play in Atlanta!!!

David Rubenstein
1/17/2008 9:00:21 PM ET

Hope this helps to get your record sweeping across the nation!

Afula Marie
1/17/2008 8:00:26 PM ET

Good Luck Jill - I saw you perform at The EG conference at the Getty and admired your great talent....plus your Mom is a great sales woman!

brian donahoo
1/17/2008 6:49:54 PM ET

"It's the thought that counts..."

1/17/2008 5:18:29 PM ET

Hi, Jill
Looks like this is going great so far! Can't wait to hear what I've helped finance...

1/17/2008 4:37:53 PM ET

Too bad you were not offering a Tote-Bag. I would have doubled my contribution for that!

Robbie Rocker
1/17/2008 4:33:32 PM ET

viva la revolution!

SFV Friends of Jill Sobule Association (SFVFOJSA)
1/17/2008 3:16:49 PM ET

Hi Jill! I'm doing this on my work computer, so don't tell my boss! In my spare time I carry your CDs around the office and force people to listen to them. Most of the time they thank me. Looking forward to the new CD---come see us in Portland sometime soon!

Paul Jacobs
1/17/2008 2:50:34 PM ET

Can't Wait to hear your New CD Jill, And remember to come to Ohio so we can see you perform live!

Scott & Halle Ryan
1/17/2008 2:45:41 PM ET

Hope this works out for you, Jill. Love your music.

Matt Harris
1/17/2008 2:05:28 PM ET

Good luck with it all Jill! Looking forward to the CD and possibly a gig or 2 in the UK?? I booked to see you the last time you played London but annoyingly missed it due to being ill, so am hoping for a return visit! Ideally to Cardiff but anywhere in the UK would do ;-)

Chantal Patton
1/17/2008 1:21:59 PM ET

I've been raving about you for years - now I put my money where my mouth is. So make me happy I won't be feeding my cat the premium gold label kibble this month. We actually had a lovely chat when you were at the Boulton Center in Sayville. I'm the grandma who explained your "I Kised a Girl" to her granddaughters and comes to as many of your NY shows as she can, sometimes wearing your "My Bush..." t-shirt. Remember????

Jessica Ley
1/17/2008 12:47:57 PM ET

Hi Jill, I'm 52 years old. I've been a fan since "I Kissed a Girl" and "Supermodel". I own multiple copies of each of your cd's. I buy up extra copies just in case they ever go out of print. I even keep 1 copy each in my fire safe. Your music is my most prized possession. I met you once after a show in Salt Lake City. I wish you would come back. Love Ya, Mike

mike lucero
1/17/2008 12:25:22 PM ET

Good luck Jill! I can't wait for the next record.

Michelle Shapiro
1/17/2008 10:26:55 AM ET

Keep up the good work.
Your music speaks to my soul.
I'm lame at haiku.

Jennifer Danzinger
1/17/2008 10:26:15 AM ET

Make us proud! :)

Sheri Scavo
1/17/2008 10:02:14 AM ET

Best of luck with recording the new album and its distribution, promotion, etc. Thanks for all of your music in the past, including the web freebies!

Peter Schindelman
1/17/2008 9:58:21 AM ET

The first live show I ever attended was one of Jill's, at a venue that burned down not too long after. I can only hope that this CD doesn't cause similar damage to my stereo.

David Smith
1/17/2008 9:28:08 AM ET

Can't wait for the new cd! Good luck with the project!

Robert Coffey
1/17/2008 9:25:38 AM ET

Best of luck, Jill! Can't wait to hear the new record and play it on Something About the Women on WMFO 91.5 FM in Medford, MA!

Sue Edelman
1/17/2008 9:25:05 AM ET

im glad i could help; looking forward to seeing you in phila in feb!

greg may
1/17/2008 9:20:05 AM ET

Wish I could donate more, but glad to support your next record as best I can. :) Your fan, Vance.

Vance Vagell
1/17/2008 8:16:46 AM ET

Good luck, Jill! Rock our souls and feed our heads. See you in Massachusetts. Hope the fundraising is a hit.

Richard Fox
1/17/2008 8:08:33 AM ET

Always looking forward to whatever new music you create. Good Luck!

Mike Marshall
1/17/2008 7:56:34 AM ET

Hi Jill

You made my day. What a great way to start a Janaury Thursday! Making a gift tooward a new CD!!!

Please come back to Pittsburgh to see us again! Do you think you could write a song about Pittsburgh...like "Ode to a Pittsburgh" by Loudon Wainwright III?

I look forward to hearing your new record. I am delighted to help fund it.

Gentle wishes!

Thomas Moore
1/17/2008 7:40:20 AM ET


If I could I would donate at least $10,000 toward your next cd but hope that my small $50 will help in anyway it can. We miss you here in South Florida and hope to see you in 2008! Best wishes with the new cd!!!

Thomas Miller
1/17/2008 7:03:46 AM ET

How could I not support her next album? The world would be a sadder place without it. A less weird place too.

Douglas Devore
1/17/2008 4:22:19 AM ET

This is such a great idea and I'm delighted to be able to help. Fingers crossed that you'll visit London to promote the CD once released.

1/17/2008 2:54:26 AM ET

This is an interesting venture. Good luck!
Tim Sandle, UK

Tim Sandle
1/17/2008 2:54:16 AM ET

This is too cool.
Your past cds are some of my favs. I cannot wait for the new one!
Have my fingers crossed that you will return to the Southeast this year. It has been way too long!
Take care xoxo

Kristen Brown
1/17/2008 1:00:12 AM ET

I couldn't be more proud or thrilled to be a part of your next album. I think this is a brilliant idea that could revolutionize the music industry. Pay before it's even made AND to insure it gets made? Isn't that the best way to stave off illegal downloads?? Bravo! I can't wait xo

Baub Merrick
1/17/2008 12:55:59 AM ET

I wanted to get in here at the first opportunity I could to help out on Jill's Next Record. She is so incredibly talented and fun that I can't believe the world is not falling over themselves to be first in line to help launch this baby! I put my money where my mouth is, why haven't you?

Bob Childress
1/17/2008 12:40:06 AM ET

I noticed that nobody from Illinois was on the tote board. Plus, I got sucked into American Midol tonight and had to do something worthwhile to get the stink off my mind. Good Luck!

Carl G - Chicago
1/17/2008 12:03:49 AM ET

Sometimes love feels just like a Jill Sobule melody...

Tom Ervin
1/16/2008 11:38:11 PM ET

The best singer songwriter working today, no question about it. Emotionally honest, very vulnerable and twice as funny. What's not to love.

Vincent Blackwood
1/16/2008 11:32:54 PM ET

All the best, Jill! Your music has always meant a lot to me and my kiddos so I'm more than happy to help out.

Erik Karlsson
1/16/2008 11:29:01 PM ET

You are such an amazingly talented musician. I am honored to be involved and support your new record.

Kim Clark
1/16/2008 11:24:11 PM ET

I wish you (and all of us) all the best that enough funds will be raised to make sure that the release of the new record will come. Thank you, Jill and Tony, for letting us contribute.

1/16/2008 3:50:04 PM ET

You are a delight, Jill -- and this fundraising method is innovative and wise -- very best of luck to you with the project -- San Francisco is already on my Zune and I can't wait to put the rest of the songs there as well

Joe Michaels
1/15/2008 3:22:45 PM ET

It's a pleasure to help out with the fund raising, you've kept us entertained for years. Good luck with everything.

Big love,



1/15/2008 2:18:25 PM ET


1/15/2008 11:53:58 AM ET

Happpy to do my small part to get another Jill album out on the shelves.

1/15/2008 9:19:32 AM ET

Dear Jill, I'm happy to support your new album. Your songs have given me so much joy over the years - it's time to give something back to you. Good luck for your recording sessions and hope to see you soon in Europe,

1/15/2008 8:24:57 AM ET

Just donated a little something by way of thanks for all the great music (and for getting me on the guest list for one of your last shows in the UK).

Paul Livesey
1/14/2008 6:20:57 PM ET


1/10/2008 9:00:53 PM ET

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